Sandgate Paddling Club Logo

The Sandgate Paddling Club have had the same logo since the club was originally founded. 25 years on the club has re-branded from Sandgate Canoe Club and they decided that they needed a new logo to represent the change.


They wanted the new logo to look clean, modern and inline with the recently redesigned Paddle Queensland logo, but it was also very important that it retained elements from the original logo such as the pier. By talking with members of the club’s board and working through drafts of different ideas we came to the final logo pictured.


The focus of the logo is the stylised paddler above the words Sandgate Paddling Club. The typeface of the text is bold and has a similar slant and movement to the typeface used in the Paddle QLD logo. The pier does not feature as prominently as it did in the original, but sits a long the bottom of the image almost as an underline to the text, that retains the character of Sandgate in the logo.


More information about Sandgate Paddling Club can be found on their website (Here) or their Facebook page (Here).

other logos 1

Draft logos

Final Outcome